Sell Your Home in 5 days with 30 Offers!

A real-life case study…..How I got 30 offers and 116 showings in 4.5 days….

I want to do something different today and share a case study with you guys on how I helped a seller get 116 showings and 30 offers in 4.5 days!

This property is actually in escrow right now so this just happened last week.

Like everyone that is selling his or house, this seller obviously wants to get the most money possible. He also made it cleared that with a toddler at home, he doesn’t want to showcase the property when they are in the house. They will be out of town for 5 days and all shows will be done in those 5 days only.

Now that’s a problem. Selling real estate is a numbers game. More showing = more offer. More offers equal higher price. How do I get maximum exposures in just 5 days and ensures that most if not all the buyers in the market get to see this home.

So I know in order to accomplish that, buyers have to see value in the house. They not only have to see the value, they have to see this house as the best value so they absolutely have to come and see the house regardless what the showing availability are.

Buyer determines value by comparison shopping. They will look and buy a house that is lower in price or have more features and benefits….. So…..what is I am the lowest in price and offers more features and benefits than all my competitions…..

Doing my realtor thing and researching the comparable, I found a good comparable at 680K and is about 200 sq feet smaller than my seller’s house. So if by pricing it at 680K with more square footage, I already am showing more value than my neighbors but I have to make sure everyone come see it during that 5 day period when the seller is out of town. So with the consent of the seller, we decided to increase the value even more! We priced it at $650K! Talk about a seller trust in me.

Now we are the best value in entire Fullerton in the price range of $650,000 – $750,000! All the buyers have to come see the listing first before they will even consider other listings.

We also know that selling real estate is not only a price war and a beauty contest. I had the seller declutter and clean the house inside out to make it show ready. The photo came out amazing – no clutters and looked like a model home.

So now the house shows like a model home but priced like a fixer upper. Not too many buyer can resist not to come see it.

And the result? 116 groups of buyer came through during the 5 days we were gone. 30 offers were reviewed on the 6th days. With some creative negotiating strategy, we got a offer that made the seller REALLY happy.

If you haven’t figured it out by now….that was my house that I was selling…. How much did I sell it for? I cannot disclose it publicly since it is still in escrow. If you want to find out the price and another strategy that was used to accomplish that… Simply call me at 909-610-5188 or message me directly.

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