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Hi, this is Jack Ma with Jack Ma Real Estate Group at Century 21 Masters. Today’s video is a tip for prospective sellers and that is Consider Conducting a Pre-Listing Inspection. Without further ADU, that’s found out why in this video.

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Ok…so what is a pre-listing inspection? Basically, a pre-listing inspection is a home inspection done prior to putting the home on the market and is ordered and paid by the homeowner.

If you were a seller, you must be thinking… don’t buyers usually order and pay for the home inspection? Why do I have to spend the money on it?

Now there are several benefits to having a pre-listing inspection…

The first benefit is to avoid surprises…. have you ever had the experience where something is not working and you didn’t know about it simply because you have not used it or checked on it for a while? Well..this happens a lot during a home inspection. Things were broken but sellers don’t even know.

When you have a pre-inspction , you not only find out potential things that could sidetrack a sales, you also will have the opportunity to correct those defects for less. If it was a defect found by the buyer’s inspector, a buyer may require you to hire a licensed contractor to complete the repair.

Another reason to have a pre-listing inspection is to increase the chance of buyer agreeing to a non-contingent offer.

By standard procedure, buyer has the right to negotiate with the seller on correcting the findings on the inspection report, cancel the sale, or ask the seller for a credit. By delivering an insepction report upfront, it discloses all material facts to the buyers and they may be more comfortable accepting the property truely As-is and eliminate the chance have have to lower the price or having the sale sidetracked.

Now this pre-listing inspection is recommended especially if the property condition is less than ideal. There are more issues and sometimes big issues that may come as a surprise.

Thats the tip for the day and I hope you enjoy this information.

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